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Blessings, Love, & Light. It’s a simple greeting. It’s one I have used for years to express my personal and spiritual wishes of well being for my fellow man. (or woman). I spent many years writing on my other blog Salem’s Creations. It took me many days to come up with Salem’s Creations (SC) for my blogs name.

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of making a new blog, as I’ve felt I had outgrown SC. When I made that blog, I felt the need to share thoughts and wisdom about my faith. That is all well and good, and sometimes I may do that still. However this blog’s focus will be a little different.

The focus of this blog shall be to spread positive thought. Our days are full of negative thoughts, feelings, words and actions. I’d like to bring a bit of light into your life. So, I bring you, Blessings, Love, & Light my dear friends. Welcome to my new home.